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Flat-Rate Legal Representation in Houston, TX

Kischa N Hernandez Attorney at Law understands not only Houston, Texas, law, but also the needs of her clients. In offering flat-rate legal representation in Houston, Texas, her law office seeks to give each client quality, efficient, and streamlined service at a reasonable price. If a flat-rate package does not meet your needs, Kischa N Hernandez does provide a host of other legal services.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce occurs in one of two ways: your spouse agrees about all the issues and signs a waiver of service, or it can be through default. Default is when your spouse is formally given a legal notice of your divorce by publication or posting. If your spouse does not file an answer or waiver of service or does not appear, you get the divorce.

Helping You with Divorce and Custody Law in Houston, TX

Uncontested Divorce Packages

Her divorce attorneys offer flat-rate divorce packages with attorney representation for clients getting an uncontested divorce, and agree to all aspects of child custody and property division. For divorces involving no children and no property, the price of her legal service starts at $595.00, not including filing fees. In Harris County, filing fees range from $265.00 to $295.00. Her uncontested divorce packages include:

• Drafting Applicable Legal Documents, like
- Original Petition - Waiver Of Citation
- Final Decree - Employer's Withholding Order
• A Letter From Your Attorney to Your Spouse With the Waiver Of Citation
• In-Office Consultation Before Drafting the Original Petition and Final Decree
• Copies Of All Divorce Documents
• Legal Advice and Support By Phone Or E-Mail While Your Case Is Pending
• Monthly Status Report While Case Is Pending
• Representation In Court At the "Prove-Up" Hearing

Limited Scope Representation Services

If you only want to use her drafting services she does offer a flat rate on limited scope legal representation services. Whether or not you have children, her drafting services include the original petition, waiver of citation, and final decree, along with detailed instructions to take you from filing to final hearing. However, if you have children, you'll also get an employer's withholding order. If you don't have children and property the package is $250.00. If you do, the package will start at $350.00.

Additional Documents

If you and your spouse own a home or a vehicle and need documents to transfer property, she can help as well. Kischa N Hernandez will help with a special warranty deed, deed of trust and power of attorney.


If your loved one died with or without a will, Kischa N Hernandez Attorney at Law can help probate the estate to suit your particular needs. Let her probate law experience get you the most cost effective and efficient option available to your unique situation. She offers flat-rate packages that start as low as $350.00, plus expenses for small estates. She'll handle the following needs:

• Small Estate Affidavits • Probate Will As Muniment Of Title
• Independent Estate Administration • Heirship Proceedings With or Without Administration